Lost Memory

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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Lost Memory
by Thomas Yang
10th grade
Every day the sun circles around my little apartment as each sleepless night leaves its memories in my mind, as I fear of that fateful cold day in an alley. It was winter of 87...on a Sunday I was walking through market when I “accidentally” bumped into a bread cart and RAN.The chase was on. I bumped into some kid along the way and fell on the floor I cursed, as the bread lay there on the cold gravelly floor I looked at the kid around the same age as me but I felt a weird connection as if fate was showing me light... but I didn't have time for this; my legs were killing me running at full speed for so long. I ran into the closest alley way,TRAPPED dang I should have seen that coming all alleys are blocked on Sundays(no shipments)so I was trapped, taking the kicks of those punk police officers then outta nowhere Baylee Fitzgerren the guy I bumped into earlier is now saving my life kinda,you can tell his eyes were blazing with the flame of hope I got up from the floor and stared at him with my cold brown eyes, my crimson red hair flowed in the wind.My rutty face stained with blood I blanked out. I woke up in a strange place everything was clean my head hurt I reach to feel my head something strange was there something soft that covered my wound. I took a look in the mirror it was white and at the back I saw the color red I knocked out again and woke up with Baylee at my bed side I was shocked at what I saw him sleeping I could tell he was waiting for me to wake up.As I was sitting in bed Baylee’s mother was walking past and she smiled it was a warm embrace I had never felt before being alone on the street and all I've never had such embrace before I woke Baylee up he as surprised as ever,we laughed. Baylee asked for my name I didn't respond, he smiled and said “alright then Leo,Leo Scarlet will be your name.” Through the years me and Baylee grew closer as friends. One day Baylee and I were at a special place...
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