My Family Reunion

Topics: Family, Hotel, Sibling Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: October 18, 2011
Donna Brown Eng 051
Professor Lohinski
07 October 2011
My Family Reunion
My most memorable event was my family reunion because the gathering of family keeps a bond between everyone. Moreover, you get to meet new family members that married into the family and their children. This makes the family size even larger. The Reunion was on June 17, 2011 in Littleton North, Carolina. Planning this trip was difficult because I had to figure out how to get the money for clothes, family dues, train tickets, hotel room, and money to spend on my granddaughter.

I spoke with my sister, and we came up with the idea to share the expenses on a rental car and hotel room with two beds. Consequently, I came up with a plan to sell dinners to family members and friends. In addition, family members and friend told others about my seafood dinners. For example, crab cakes, shrimp salad, and lake trout were the main course on the menu along with potatoes salad, coleslaw, collard greens, and corn. Also for desert, I served pineapple up side down cake, chocolate chocolate chip cake, and pound cake. My dinners varied from $15.00 to $21.00. As a result, I made enough money to pay all my expenses for the trip. My family and friends enjoyed my cooking so much they asked me to do this on a weekly basis but I decided to do it monthly.

The day of the trip had finally arrived! In order to get to North Carolina, we had to go through Richmond, Virginia. The ride was longer than we thought because of the construction on the road so traffic was bumper-to-bumper. It did not matter to me because I was with family. My sister and I took turns driving so that one of us could be in the back with my granddaughter. We played board games, watched the sights while driving through Virginia, and listened to music. When a song came on the radio, we all sang along even if we did not know the...
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