“My Expectations of the Automotive Repair Industry”

Topics: College, Mechanic, Skill Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: February 2, 2011
Salvador Chavez

“My Expectations of the Automotive Repair Industry”
My expectations of the automotive repair industry are to learn everything I need to know about fixing a car from the simplest thing to the most complicated. My goals are to go to school and study what I like to become a better person and try to succeed in life. Also I want to transfer from Citrus College to a UC and major in business and hopefully one day have a chance to run a shop with my father. The personal sacrifices that I will go through are that I will need to take time to do homework and study instead of being out with my friends partying and doing what we do for fun, to wake up early and be in class on time and ready to learn, I will also have to cut my evening short to get enough rest to go to school the next day and be completely focused this will be my biggest challenge because for my last two years of high school I only went to school for two hours and got no homework or ever did class work. I think that in order to succeed in the automotive repair industry u have to have a good character to work with the customer and coworkers because it is a job where communication is very important. Pay expectations are that the middle 50 percent of technicians earned between $11.31 and $20.75 per hour. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $8.70, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $26.22 per hour. Many experienced technicians employed by car dealers and independent repair shops receive a commission based cost of labor which is charged to the customer. Under this method, weekly earnings depend on the amount of work completed. ("http://www.salary.com/mysalary.asp") The Training needed to become an automotive technician can be done at a community college program to receive an associate degree or certificate with training over 2 years by building up the automotive training with instruction in English, basic mathematics, computers, and other subjects. Some students earn repair...
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