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Technical High School System


Collision Repair and Refinishing

Grades 9-12

Collision Repair and Refinishing Philosophy

The Collision Repair and Refinishing course of studies is designed to create an interest in the industry and to develop entry-level skills within the Collision Repair and Refinishing trade.

The Collision Repair and Refinishing course provides an explanation of the theory behind a successful vehicle repair. It also provides information on the latest collision repair tools, equipment and techniques.

Finally, it provides the foundation needed to prepare for the ASE and I-CAR certification exams and offers insight into what it takes to become a successful, well rounded collision repair technician and directs the technician to become a life-long learner.

Collision Repair and Refinishing Goals

The Collision Repair and Refinishing Program will create an awareness of opportunities within the vast trade areas that comprise the Collision Repair and Refinishing Industry. The program incorporates new developments and practices related to the Collision Repair and Refinishing Program

Program Goals

As a result of education in the Collision Repair and Refinishing Program grades 9-12 students will:

1. Identify and demonstrate general safety rules.

2. Explain proper use and location of Material Safety Data Sheets

3. Demonstrate proper chemical safety, i.e. chemical disposal techniques

4. Identify the proper use of fire protection equipment

5. Demonstrate proper use of protective clothing and equipment

6. Demonstrate safe use and maintenance of general hand tools

7. Demonstrate safe use and maintenance of electric and pneumatic hand tools and hydraulic equipment

8. Identify and demonstrate the procedure to do sheet metal repair, rough and finish

9. Demonstrate proper repair of plastic parts

10. Demonstrate painting and refinishing procedures

11. Demonstrate frame and unibody construction and repair

12. Demonstrate vehicle glass types and replacement

13. Demonstrate exterior and interior moldings and trim removal and replacement

14. Demonstrate how to write a damage report

15. Demonstrate automotive collision welding and panel bonding

16. Knowledge of basic mechanical services

17. Present a Student Portfolio that is a purposeful collection of work that documents the student’s efforts, progress and achievements in the Collision Repair and Refinishing trade during their four (4) years in the THSS. Collision Repair and Refinishing – Grade 9

|Goal: 1 Career opportunities | |Big Idea(s): | | | |Essential Question(s): | |Learning Outcomes | |Students will: |As evidenced by written, oral and/or performance: | |1.1 Describe the job opportunities in the collision repair industry |Describe opportunities in management | | |Describe opportunities in Collision repair | | |Describe opportunities in refinishing...
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