Rn vs Cna

Topics: Nursing, Certified Nursing Assistant, Healthcare occupations Pages: 3 (1057 words) Published: July 27, 2010
Certified Nurse's Assistant or Registered Nurse?
The United States is fortunate to have many Certified Nurse's Assistants and Registered Nurses in the country today. Both jobs play an important role in the health care system. Without these two jobs the healthcare system would be completely different and very unorganized. The health care system works as one big team. Working in this field is very beneficial to many people. CNAs and RNs are two of the largest groups of workers in the world today. Certified Nursing Assistants careers are quite different than one as a Registered Nurse. Certified Nurse's Assistants are different than Registered Nurses because of qualifications, pay and job descriptions. There are quite a few Certified Nursing Assistants in the nation today. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is much easier than becoming a Registered Nurse. Certified nurses aide programs are much shorter and less vigorous than those of Registered Nurses. The Certified nurses aide program consists of a one hundred fifty hour course. The course includes seventy-five hours of class and lab work, and seventy-five clinical hours usually completed in a matter of eleven weeks. The last step to becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is to take a state exam and pass it with seventy percent correct. Becoming a Registered Nurse is much harder than becoming a Certified Nurses Assistant. Unlike CNAs, Registered Nurses must be graduated from high school with no less than a 2.0 GPA. In all States students must graduate from an approved nursing program or college and pass a national licensing exam to become a registered nurse. The exam is known as the NCLEX-RN (Online Nursing). A nurse can be certified in more than one state if they take exams in multiple states or by endorsement. All states require recertification periodically. Becoming a registered nurse typically takes Cairns 2

about four years. Registered Nurses are known as RN, BSN or ADNs. Not only do CNAs and RNs...
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