My English Teacher

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“My English Teacher.”
In the course of our life, we come across different people. Some of them come into our life and then just leave without influencing us, while others leave an indelible imprint in our memories and determine our future life. My English teacher at high school has been one of the most influential people in my life. Not only did he teach me a lot of useful skills that I will definitely need in my academic life and future career, but he also nurtured the most positive features in me.

When I was a teenager, I was not that confident and outgoing; I was not talented either. I was shy and reserved. I was just an average schoolgirl who enjoyed reading and lived in the world of her own. I did not like my English lessons, since my teacher always looked down on all of us and disrespected most of the students in the class. Every lesson was torture for me because I felt miserable. Thus, when she resigned, I did not feel sorry for that. When a new school year started, we had a new English teacher. I did not expect any change in my attitude to the subject, but I was wrong. Our new teacher was a stocky man of medium height in his late thirties with pepper-and-salt hair and always dressed spic and span. His vivid dark brown eyes and radiant friendly smile enchanted everybody at once. He had a deep knowledge and understanding of the subject and could explain to us the most complicated issues. He encouraged us to think critically and look at any piece of literature from different angles. He taught us to form our own opinions and feel confident about expressing them.

Perhaps, one of the brightest memories about my teacher is the task he gave us once. It was another gloomy rainy day at the end of the winter and all of us felt exhausted and worried after a difficult math test. Our teacher asked us to advertise some unreal products like a musical mousetrap or nail polish for teeth. We had to prove that our product was the best and the most useful. At the end of...
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