My First English Revolution

Topics: English language, United States, Learning Pages: 2 (774 words) Published: December 5, 2012
My First English Revolution
People surround me, people change my life. Some of them are very influential, just like a revolution in life. I had one English teacher who changed my life even thought I have had many good teachers in my life. Some of them teach math and physics; some teach English and other subjects. She who is working for a University in Saginaw, ML, is my first English teacher after I arrived in America.

I still remember how embarrassed I was with regards of those silly things I have done. It was three years ago and I was flying from Shanghai, China, to Chicago, U.S. At around 8 pm at night, I was very excited waiting for the flight to take me to my destination – Saginaw. Since there were some mechanical problems happened for the aircraft I took, the departure time had changed several times. The airport broadcast tells me that we the flight will be delaying for half an hour. I was hungry and exhausted because after 13 hours’ flight, I had only eaten a light meal and a cup of coke. Therefore, I went to the McDonald and asked for a box of fries. Instead of saying fries, I said, “potato chips.” It took the person ten seconds to realize what I was talking about and I felt like, after so many years’ English study in china, I still do not know what real English is. I reached my destination two hours later thinking about the awful experience I had there.

To learn English well, I have to make mistakes like an English speaker. My first English teacher is an experienced, full of passion, and kind-hearted. Not only does she know the differences between foreigners and local people on how to learn American English, but she knows how to help foreigners speak authentic American English as well. She knows why they make certain mistakes and how to correct them. With her help, for the first time in my life, I understand how to learn English effectively and efficiently. She is changing my life.

She has some tricks as to how to speak English as if a native...
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