My Childhood

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  • Published : December 4, 2008
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As a child I loved adventure. Though one of my adventures made me realize how life really is, and how fast it can be taken away. One of my hobbies as a child was riding my bike around my town. Just like every child I didn’t like to tie my shoes, especially when I was having fun with my friends.

As I went to get my bike from my grandmother’s home, my mother stopped me. The first though I had was why do parents need to be strict and ruin our fun with rules. Of course as a caring parent, she had reminded me to put my helmet on and to tie my shoes. Being the rebel I was, I put the helmet on, but didn’t tie my shoes. So I soon joined my friends down the block and away we went. It was getting late, and we were tired; we decided to meet up in front of my grandmother’s home.

As I was turning in a circle, my shoe lace was caught with my bike pedal. I then felt my bike fall over me, making me hit my head hard against the cement. My favorite helmet with girly stickers was now in two pieces. As a child I was amazed, of course frightened of the incident, knowing that one of your most cherished items had saved your head and brains! That’s when I realized “Wow in order for life to be fair, it must hence be unfair?” After that incident I too, along with my parents, was reminding everyone to be safe. All of my friends saw me as too careful, but I didn’t care because I was not about to let my family or friends, experience what I had to feel.

This has to be one of my life changing childhood memories, though there are more that happened before this. I guess the saying “You have to learn from your mistakes” applies to adults, teenagers and children. Yet some people never learn due to their stubbornness
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