My Career Choice in Accounting

Topics: Bachelor's degree, Work ethic, Academic degree Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: June 26, 2012
My Career Choice in Accounting
Salina Solano
Everest University

The economy has fallen and risen dramatically throughout the years. Businesses have gone bankrupt and factories have shut down, new companies have sprung up and retailers have expanded; but what once only required training and dedication, now requires a degree and at least one year’s experience. Out of all of the careers that are out there; I believe that accounting has been a consistent field within the workforce due to the high demand for its services. The accounting field requires continuous education and training but the salary is competitive and there is constant room for growth within the various fields of accounting. There have been many careers that have interest me, but accounting has always stood out among the rest because of its dependability and growth. The career I chose to pursue was accounting, a fast growing field that is always in demand according to There are various positions within this field, but out of all of the positions I believe that being an accountant would be more rewarding for me. For the position that I am seeking a Bachelor’s degree and experience within the accounting field is required. As of right now I am working towards an Associate’s Degree in Accounting but I plan on pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in the near future; I expect that once I achieve these goals I will able to pursue my career as an accountant. According to, the average salary for an accountant ranges from $31,136 - $56,901; my salary expectation is that I make at least $40,000 annually.

Accounting positions can be found everywhere, Retail businesses, construction companies, banks, car dealerships etc. Any business that requires cash for payments will need an accountant to manage the funds and keep track of all the data, because of this, accounting has been such a successful career field. The growth is ongoing and I am sure that no matter how long it takes me to...
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