Career Investigation Assignment

Topics: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Pages: 6 (2044 words) Published: April 11, 2012

Career Investigation Assignment: My Ideal Career
Stephanie Culver
Davenport University

FRSM100 Career and Education Seminar


My ideal career is in accounting. I have determined that this field is best suited for me through career assessment tests, learning styles assessments and by actually working in this field for several years. I have been interested in accounting since taking my first accounting class in high school. It was then that I found that not only was I good at bookkeeping but also enjoyed it. From my Learning Style Graph (Toft, 2006) I discovered that I equally reflect two learning styles: “Why? mode” and “What if? mode.” My knack for understanding people and ability to recognize problems are strengths I posses in the “Why? mode.” On the other side of the graph my drive to get things done and my leadership capabilities are both examples of the “What if mode.” This coincides with the results of my VAK assessment (Chislett & Chapman, 2006) that shows I prefer to learn by actually doing rather than by seeing. Both learning styles are advantageous in the accounting field because problem solving is fundamental to balancing spreadsheets. I ascertained from the Jung Type Personality Test (Human Metrics, , 2005) that my personality type was ENFP. This test confirms that I am apt at multitasking and have abundant people skills. This again is very useful in all aspects of an accounting career. While my past experience as a waitress and other food service positions may not be directly related to accounting, it taught me many transferable skills. Some of these are multitasking, listening and prioritizing. I also developed other transferable skills necessary in the accounting field while working as a night auditor. Not only did I learn actual hands-on accounting, but also cultivated my problem-solving skills. It was my responsibility to find any accounting mistakes and correct them each night. I enjoyed this part of my job so much, on slow nights I would hope that someone on a previous shift made a mistake just so I could find and correct it. Eventually, my manager began coming to me to troubleshoot errors for her. I feel a job as a Certified Public Accountant would be a perfect career choice for me because it would utilize many of my transferable skills. I could also draw on experience already gained as a bookkeeper, retail office manager, and presently as an accounting assistant. My work ethic of staying until the job is done along with my enjoyment in troubleshooting would be a tremendous asset as a CPA as well. Career Profile

The jobs available to me at my current level of education and experience are limited to the data entry and bookkeeping aspects of accounting. My experience to date has taken me about as far as I can get in this field of accounting. Now, I must earn a degree to advance any further. However, once I earn my bachelor’s degree in accounting and obtain my required Certified Public Accountant license, many more job opportunities will be available to me. Some of these jobs would include Internal Auditor, Controller, and Management Accountant or, with enough experience, even a Vice President of Finance. A lot is depending on the size of the company I work for and the area of accounting I choose. At this point my goal is to work for a larger public accounting firm to acquire experience in many aspects of public accounting. I am particularly interested in forensic accounting and internal auditing.

While working for a public accounting firm as a CPA I could earn from $34,000 to $95,000 per year according to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2008). But, considering my education level and my experience I would probably earn more in the mid range of $43,500 upwards to $72,000. My duties would be dependent on the...
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