My Best Friend

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Haagash is my best friend. He is the unforgettable person in my life. I was very friendly. I liked him because he was never sad, had a good sense of humor and always told jokes. Many times Haagash and, myself and two other students from our class visited parks. He likes to play basketball, football & cricket. We share our food, books, clothes, stationary, etc… He was a new student in my class. The first time I saw him when I was in grade 2. I came into my classroom. He sat alone everyone looked at him strangely. He was new in my class but in a short time he found friends. He smiled at every person who walked next to him. I can still remember his face. He had high forehead, beautiful brown eyes and a lovely small nose. He had thin lips and gorgeous dimples when he was smiling. He also had very short dark straight hair. Haagash was tall and fat. He always wore jeans, a loose fitting T-shirt. He was born in Italy. Haagash was kind, polite for everyone. He always tried to help when someone had a problem. Teachers never had troubles with him. His knowledge wasn’t wide, but he was intelligent and had no problems with learning. He used to be absent once in two weeks.

After 1 yrs he stopped coming to school. No one knew what had happened to him. One day, his mother came to school and told us that he is going to Italy. Haagash went to Italy and suddenly he returned back to school when I was in grade 4. We were very happy. He always keeps smiling. He was absent for some time again. He suddenly came to school one day and he said he is going to Italy again. I can still remember his face when he said that. He was very sad. He went to Italy but still we used to be in contact on every Friday on skype.He is my best friend I ever had in my life. We promised each other that we will be friends for ever. We were friends. We are friends and we will be friends forever!!!!
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