Evaluate a Significant Experience, Challenge or Person in Your Life

Topics: Education, Teacher, Knowledge Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: April 10, 2011
Evaluate a significant experience, challenge or person in your life and how this event or person has made an impact on you. I am going to write about outstanding teacher I met long time ago. At that time, I was in 8th grade, and then I transferred to new school. That school was high school, so there was full of newly enrolled students. I never forget first day of my school. Our new English teacher entered in classroom and gave us copies of a passage. I almost did not understand the meaning of it. When I was trying to understand the first sentence of that passage, half of students in that class said that they were ready to give a speech about the whole passage. I thought that I was pretty good at English in my previous school, but this incident proved that I only had knowledge of elementary English. Then, that summer I started to attend an English course. My mother chose it for me. But that course had just been established; it had only two teachers and five classes. I do not know why she picked up for me, but she said that it was the best course and director of that school is highly educated person. Next, I did some tests and started to attend that teacher’s class. Although he was director of that school, he was very open-minded person and he was giving us many advices about how to learn English. His lessons were very easy to understand and increased my interest in English. When I finished that course, I was happy choosing that course because by studying there, I learned lot of things. Sometimes I see my notes which I wrote down when I was taking that course. Then I understand that there are still many things to learn from his lessons. Additionally, he had a very good personality. He was very kind person. That teacher always tried to educate us in many ways. He was very close to his students and he was talking about his past life during the break. Mostly, when old teachers talk about their life, students get boring. But his talk was not like this. When Mongolians...
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