Cause and Effect Loss of a Friend

Topics: Causality, Friendship, Death Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: April 29, 2013
“Loss of a Friend:” Cause and Effect
Many situations can cause a loss of a friend. The situation can occur when a friend moves away and as a result, his or her old friends are often forgotten. Sometimes you lose a friend because of a lack of communication. If one friend never calls or e-mails or I do not try to contact, that friend ultimately fades and dies. It is hard to spend time with a friend if one is busy with school, work, and other responsibilities. Eventually, in these situations, the friends drift apart. Another reason is the two friends no longer have anything in common or do not like the choices one of them has made. Perhaps one friend is taking drugs or is spending too much time with a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Unfortunately, some friendships end with a result of death. Perhaps the main cause is a fight. If two friends fight and do not make up or cannot forgive each other, there is no reason to be friends anymore. Occasionally, I am happy to lose a friend, especially one who was not supportive or does not care about others and their feelings. I can also be sad when a friend is no longer in my life, especially if that friend died or was very close to me and my family. Sometimes, the memories of that friend hurt the most. Friends may come and go in everyone’s lives, but no matter how long they are in your life, friends leave a lasting impression. Whether I am happy or sad about losing a friend, in the end, I usually make new ones, but sometimes I do not because everyone can be your friend but you can only learn that through life experiences. After all, I am my own best friend.
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