My Analysis About a Sound of Thunder

Topics: Time travel, Science fiction, The Time Machine Pages: 3 (955 words) Published: January 1, 2013
My Analysis about A Sound of Thunder
--By Lillian ( Class:2, No:2) A Sound of Thunder is a short story written by Ray Bradbury which belongs to the genre of science fiction. The story set in A.D.2055 when time travel is possible, this is the story of a travel agency, Time Safari Inc., that arrangeed hunting trips back in time to hunt dinosaurs. It is also a futuristic story about how changing a small thing can result in a huge change somewhere down the timeline. In this case, a nervous hunter, Eckels, stepped off the trail, and stepped on a butterfly. The historical repercussions of the death of a single butterfly, compounded by millions of years of effects. What I want to know is why Eckels’ behaviour that scrabbled at a butterfly could change the world. People always think that it is he who caused the negtive effect of the whole world in this story, but I do not think so. To begin with, I would like to show other people’ s reasons why Eckels should be to blame. In the story, the writer directly told us that safaris to any year in the past was quite dangerous by using Bradbury’s example, which explained it perfectly. A single mouse might be the ancestor to a million mouse, and those million mouse could feed a hundred thousand foxes, those foxes could feed a great number of tigers, and those could feed a caveman who might be the ancestor of someone important. In the end, all manner of insects, vultures, infinite billions of life forms are thrown into chaos and destruction. Imagine what might happen if you killed a man who was the ancestor of Grand Canyon, across Rternity, or Queen Elizabeth or George Washington. Afraiding of the horrible result and not having tested what would happen if they change the past. People did everything possible to make it impossible for anyone to change anything. They found animals that were about to die so that killing them would have no effect on anything, they even extended a platform several feet...
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