Certainty vs. Doubt

Topics: Epistemology, Future, Atom Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Some people believe that life depends on either the concepts of certainty and doubt. With certainty comes a sense of confidence. When you are certain about everything in life, you will know with absolute truth your capabilities, responsibilities, and consequences for your actions. However doubt engraves a feeling of the unknown. If you are uncertain about life, then how will you ever be restrained by boundaries? Doubt may be the only certain undeniable truth. We cannot know with certainty what happened in the past, what is happening in the present, or what could happen in the future. This is why doubt is prominent in life. For starters, doubt is the basis of all sciences. The proof for said theory is present in the concept of experimentation. If scientists were definite about their knowledge and their fields, then discoveries, inventions, or even technology would not have existed. If Dalton was certain that his model was the correct model for the atom then modifications would not have continued by various scientists until Ernest Rutherford constructed the final atomic model. It is due to and based upon doubt that development occurs. If you do not doubt the things around you, then how would things ever change? Change occurs due to someone believing in something could be better, or has not reached its maximum potential. He starts to analyze it, experiment with it, think about it, and eventually cause change. Without doubt we will all be the same. There will be no room for creativity, intelligence, or innovation. If people were certain that the only way for communication was in person, then no one would have ever thought of the idea of a telephone, cellular phone, or even e-mail. All the inventions and technology we have nowadays are based on doubt and all the future technology we are going to have is also based on doubt. One very obvious example of doubt would have to be faith. Faith is your belief that there is a God, a higher power, which controls everything in...
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