The Butterfly Effect Case Study

Topics: The Butterfly Effect, J. Mackye Gruber, Ashton Kutcher Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: January 24, 2012
The Butterfly Effect Case Study
How Narrative Is Used In The Butterfly Effect To Add Enjoyment For The Audience

Narratives are used in “The Butterfly Effect” to add enjoyment for the audience in a number of different ways.

“The Butterfly Effect” released in 2004 after 7 years being made, produced and recorded. This all began in 1997 and was a time consuming piece to begin with. The writers and directors “Eric Bress” and “J. Mackye Gruber” who previously written “Final Destination 2” which took in an average of £20,000,000 which shows that these two directors can write good story line making “The Butterfly Effect” and sure loved film. This can be justified by knowing and researching that “Final Destination 2” was nominated for four awards 2 of which were in “Best Story Line” in 2003 and 2004. This film has many institutions that have been used to represent this film. Using multiple institutions like this is commonly known as a synergy or a conglomerate. This institute behind the film are “Icon”, “Warner Brothers”, “Newline Cinemas” and also “Film Engine Benderspink”. The producer “Chris Bender” who was newly producer for film like “The Hangover” and “I Am Number 4” Has made a big impact on the film “The Butterfly Effect” Also The other producers that have been producing the film alongside Chris Bender are as followed. A.j.Dix, Anthony Rhulen and JC Spink. These 4 producers up-to-date have never worked on the same film before

The audience expectations are multiple genres of the film. Firstly a mystical type of film. This is given by the case of the DVD when we see the several layers of pictures that end up to a butterfly hence “The Butterfly Effect”. These layers are filled with the main star of the film, “Ashton Kutcher” and close ups of the human skull. This makes it look like there are problems with the mind and the physiological problems that this film or character is facing. Also another one is the fact that the people believe they are going to watch...
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