Muslims Condition in India

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“Status of the Muslim community today, i.e in the post Independent India” is the main concern of this book. For the last many decades, it has been the burning issue in India as to whether the Muslim Community has gone down much below the poverty line ? and whether on Social, political, educational and economic fronts, they are lagging behind form the rest of the communities living in India. The Govt. of India too, being concerned with this issue formulated various Commissions after and high level Committee to report on the status of the Muslims in India. Few of these commissions are Gopal Singh Commission, Rajendra Singh Sachchar Commission ( High leval Committee) and Rang Nath Mishra Commission etc. All these Commissions and Committee were headed by the Non- Muslims but reported the Government about the fast decreasing socio- economic conditions of Muslims in India and all these Commissions and Committee suggested various measures for the upliftment of the Muslim in India.

All these Commissions reported the Government that the Muslim in India are living much below the poverty line and on all fronts and in all spheres of life they have gone down to an alarming condition, and all these Commissions, unanimously suggested the Government to take immediate steps for the betterment of this minority community but no positive steps have ever being taken by the Govt. for the upliftments of the Muslim Community in India resulting which ruled the Country for about One thousand years are fast deteriorating day by day and have reached to the status of a second class citizen..

The Muslim in India have become quite hope less from both the Central and the State Govts sides, as the respective political parties have always gone shedding tears on the plight of the Muslims on the eve of elections for the purpose of getting their votes but in fact non of them did nothing positive rather did not allow to live the Muslim in peace on its own.

What is more teasing and tortures for the Muslims when the Hindu Organizations basically formed to oppose the interest of the Muslims, on the one hand terrorize the Muslims every time by hook or by crook and they leave no stone un- turn to demolish the Muslim face and amenities, and as a strategy on the other hand falsely charges the governments to have the policy of appeasement towards Muslims.


The fact is that the Govt. of India takes the Muslim as a second class citizen and do not consider them at par with others. Our country, course with a little gap, has always was always led by the Congress party, but it is a fact that during its reign and tenure series of Communal riots one after other went on taking place in India, especially in the Muslim dominated areas. These serial communal riots destroyed the Socio- economic status of the Muslims throughout the country rendering the Muslim to live like slave, but he Congress led Government did never do anything to curb and stop it.

The Muslim Religious Organizations in the hand of Mullas, who leads and commands the Muslim Community in India always went on reminding the Muslim to care only for the life after death and not to be bother about this life and its affairs as it is purely temporary and mortal in nature. . These Organizations against all atrocities and injustices caused to the Muslims, always made them to concluded that it is all happening with the sweet will and pleasure of the God Almighty by way of punishment for not offering Nemaz and Roza on regular basis. This approach of the Mullas on the one hand led the Muslims to allow and tolerate happily all the atrocities against it taking it as God’s will and pleasure while on the other hand it boosted the evil design of the anti- Muslim elements.


India before independence.
Muslim Rule in India
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