Hindu-Muslim Conflict in India

Topics: Islam, Paramilitary forces of India, Attack Pages: 3 (1202 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Zac Grening
Mr. DelleDonne
November 29, 2012
The Muslim-Hindu Conflict
India is in the centre of a very serious conflict in the world today. It is a very diverse place composed of people from many different religious backgrounds that come from many different regions. Two of the country’s main religions, Muslim and Hindu, have been fighting for hundreds of years for many different reasons. Their feelings of hatred and mistrust for each other are embedded in their memories and will not be forgotten easily. The worst part is there seems to be no initial plan for compromise between the two groups. Though there are many reasons for this conflict, only a few will be touched on. Those that will be touched on are the Islamic attacks on Indian Parliament, the anti-Muslim textbooks, and the Deganga Riots. These are all recent examples of the feud between these two religions and how they are not letting the past go. The Muslim-Hindu relationship is declining and there is no sign of letting up in the near future.

The first reason is one that happened in the past decade and that is the attacks on the Indian Parliament by Islamic military groups. On December 13, 2001, 5 men armed to the teeth attacked the Indian Parliament building. The men used fake official labels to gain access to the building then opened fire once inside. The results of the attack were: five policemen, a Parliament security guard, and a gardener killed, as well as 18 others injured. All 5 gunmen were killed before they could escape. One was shot and killed wearing a explosive vest which exploded when shot. No members of the government were hurt in the attack. This attack greatly angered the government for it was yet another religion based attack and they set all their resources on finding those responsible for the attack. All fingers pointed to the Kashmir, a Islamic militant group, and the Indian government set out to find the organizers of the attack. Then on December 15, 2001, the Indian...
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