Topics: Soul, Mind, Thought Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Music is an important part of my life because; music consoles the human spirit and soul and brings peace and comfort to my personal being. A Reason why music is important to me is because i feel music calms be down and take me to another world. It elevates me to another dimension where I just feel that I am living what life is all about. Music elevates because it takes my mind to think about those words that are being singed. Another reason why music is important to my life is because music inspires me the whole instruments coming in one it’s like they have life because those sounds that those instruments are making you feel something make your spirit joyful. You can have music make you happy, sad, or it just makes you contemplate on things you haven’t thought of in a while. Third reason why music is important to my life is because it uplifts my spirit sometimes I feel like I want to eat the music I’m listening to obviously it’s just an expression but man, some music out there is awesome it really take you somewhere else. .I’m so thankful for music for its artistry towards the human souls without music I don’t know how man would. Music really does console the spirit in many areas of our lives All in all music is great, and if music weren’t a part of my life I don’t how I would live, music is what makes a portion of who I am, I find music to be so comforting, in those moments’ of isolation music is there to keep you company.
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