What Would Life Be Like Without Music?

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What Would Life Be Like Without Music?

Life without music would be as boring as a T.V. that only shows one color or a house that has only one room. In other words life without music would be dull. If there were a choice to have music in our lives and not have music in our lives I would definitely choose to have music in my life. I would choose to have music in my life for many reasons: to have something to enjoy whenever I want to, it can prepare me for anything, and I can turn it off whenever I want to.

My first reason to keep music in our lives was because I can have something to enjoy whenever I want to. I am saying this because much of the time I am in my room and I am on my computer, and it is nice to have some music playing while surfing the web or just talking to some of my friends through instant messages. Not only that but sometimes when I am going on a trip to a place that is hundreds of miles away, I have nothing to do for a countless number of hours, so I always bring my music playing device so that I can pass time and never be bored, and sometimes it also helps me fall asleep when I want to on the car when there are tons of noises going on.

Secondly, music is a great method to get me pumped up before a sports game, whenever I have a basketball game I always like to listen to something energetic, so when I go on the court I am energetic as well, but listening to music before a game always gets me extremely concentrated and coordinated, because everything in my body is in sync with the music I am listening to, which is crucial whenever I am playing a sport. Also when I have a piano recital coming up, I always listen to music, more specifically, the piece that I am going to play, this helps because I can learn many things from listening to how professional musicians play the piece, which helps me with many aspects of my playing.

Finally, I want music in my life is because if I ever get annoyed at it I can turn it off, many people think that we...
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