Mushroom Spawn Production

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Unlike agriculture, mushroom seed (Spawn) production involves sophisticated technology with high investment requiring laboratory and equipments with accessories. The major constraint in mushroom production is non-avail ability of spawn. The technology of spawn production is given by OUAT, Eco-care and Aware and other institutes. Three roomed house with some equipments, furniture’s glassware’s chemicals and some other accessories are required to start spawn lab. Keeping in view of demand for mushroom, it is urgently needed to have one spawn lab in each block. If 50 to 100 mushroom growers will be developed in a cluster of villages to grow minimum one quintal to two quintals of mushroom, one spawn unit can be set up there to feed the spawn to these mushroom growers. Each spawn producer should have its own mushroom production farm to know the efficacy of his own spawn as well as demonstrate the mushroom production technology to others which will promote the sale of spawn. By this both spawn unit and mushroom farm will be economically viable.

Objective. :
(1) To produce 200 spawn bottles of two shift i.e. 5,000 bottles of spawn assuming 25 working days per month.

(2) To create income of Rs. 12,000/- per month from spawn + Rs. 3,675 from mushroom farm.


A. Land and building
Four roomed building will be essential to state spawn lab. one room will be used to multiply fungus which is called “inoculation chamber” with another room will be devoted to prepare media for culture tube an spawn bottle or which it is called media room. It can be used as media for culture tube an spawn bottle or which it is called media room. It can be used as media cum office room. Fourth room will be kept as store room. The incubation chamber will be air tight fitted with light and U.V. Light. The maintenance of aseptic condition in inoculation chamber is must for production of quality spawn. Initially incubation chamber can be made in ordinary room keeping some iron rocks to accommodate spawn bottles. After wards air conditioning machine can be fitted to maintain desired temperature. 1. Total Plinth area of spawn Lab – 25( × 12( = 300sq. ft. 2. Inoculation chamber - 8( × 7( = 56 sq. ft.

3. Ante room - 4( × 7( = 28 sq. ft.
4. Incubation Chamber - 12( × 8( = 96 sq. ft.
5. Office cum Media room - 10( × 8( = 80 sq. ft.
6. Store room - 10( × 4( = 40 sq. ft.

B. Equipment and Machineries
(a) Auto clave :
Two autoclaves are required to sterilize the media in culture tube and wheat medium in spawn bottles.(operated by both electricity and gas) (b) Refrigerator :
One small refrigerator will be required to keep the culture and blank media for longer period. Also mushrooms, mushroom pickle can be preserved for 3 to 4 days and months together respectively for comfortable dispose up. (c) Furniture : To keep spawn bottle or pouches, some iron racks are needed in incubation chamber. One table, with two stools are to be kept in inoculation chamber. One long table will be kept in media room along with some stools. (d) Accessories :

(i) Weighing balance will be useful for weighing the chemicals required for preparing media and for spawn production. (ii) Chula with cylinder : To boil wheat and to prepare media for culturing. Chula with Cylinder are necessary. (e) Glass wares, chemicals and raw materials :

(i) Wide mouth saline bottle or wine bottle will be purchased to use as containers of spawn alternative to glass bottle, polypropeline pouch can be used. (ii) Culture tube : Borosil make culture tubes can be purchased to grow mushroom mycelium as mother culture or subculture. (iii) Measuring cylinder : It will be used for measuring water to prepare media. (iv) Spirit lamp : Over the flame of spirit lamp inoculation is done to avoid spread of contamination. (v) Inoculation needle : with the help of...
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