Competitive Profile

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Competitive Profile Matrix

we have identified some of the success factors which will lead us towards the competitive edge for our solid waste management business.

we have actually developed and sorted different success factors for different products regarding solid waste management Business which we will produce.

Different Products related to solid waste management are:-

• value added recycled waste products e.g Animal food, Organic fertilizers & Inorganic waste

• Organic Mushrooms

So as we know that these are products which are different but they can be directly related to solid waste management hence are having different key success factors.

Following are the success factors for these different products:

Value added recycled waste Business

➢ Location
➢ OPEX’s
➢ Capacity
➢ Employees Efficiency
➢ Technology
➢ Price
➢ use of Bi-products
➢ Community Awareness

Mushroom Business

➢ Quality Certification

➢ Cost

➢ Price

➢ Marketing


Fertilizer Business :

Lahore Compost Pvt Ltd

Collection Operations :

1-LWMC (Lahore Waste Management Company)

2-CDGL lahore


Mushroom Business:

Private Conventional Grower’s e.g



Value added recycled waste Business:

➢ Location = 0.20
➢ OPEX’s = 0.20 ➢ Capacity = 0.15
➢ Labor Efficiency = 0.5
➢ Technology =0.10
➢ Price =0.15 ➢ use of Bi-products =0.10
➢ Community Awareness = 0.5

Mushroom Business :

➢ Quality Certification = 0.15

➢ Cost = 0.35...
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