Customer Satisfaction Survey

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  • Published : September 23, 2012
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1. NAME :-
2. GENDER :- Male/Female
3. AGE :-
4. EDUCATION :- (a) Upto Matriculate (b) Undergraduate (c) Graduate (d) Post Graduate 5. OCCUPATION :- (a) Salaried (b) Business (c) Professional (d) Self Employed (e) Student (f) Retired (g) Housewife (h) Others (Specify)

6. BANKING ACTIVITY ROUTINE :- (a) Personal Visit to Branch (b) Internet Banking (c) Delegated to Spouse/Children/Employee (with Instructions) 7. Gross Income :- (a) Upto 1 lakh (b) 1 lakh to 3 lakh (c) 3 lakh to 5 lakh (d) 5 lakh to 6 lakh (e) over 6 lakhs

1.Type of Services Used and frequently Used Services
(a) Saving A/C (b) Current A/C (c) Term Deposit/Recurring Deposits (d) Retail Loans :- 1. Personal 2. Housing 3. Education4. Autofin 5. Others (specify) 2.Third Party Products :- (a) Mutual Funds (b) Insurance (c) Gold Coins 3.(a) Internet Banking (b) RTGS/NEFT (c) Mobile Banking (d) e-pay (e) e-remit (f) Credit Card (g) ATM cum Debit Card (h) Payment of Taxes (i) Demat Services and Online Trading (j) SDV (k) Safe Custody (l) Remittance DD/MT (m) Others (Specify) NUMBER OF YEARS WITH BOI

(a)Less than 1 yr (b) 1yr-3yr (c) 4yr-5yr (d) 6yr-10yr (e) 11yrs and above REASON FOR CHOOSING TO OPEN ACCOUNT WITH BOI
1. Proximity to work place/home 2. Convinient Business Hours 3. Company tie up Salary A/C 4. Recommended by someone 5. No other Banks nearby 6. Good Customer Service 7. Good Products and Services 8. Excellent Reputation of Banks 9. Others Specify.

4. Number of visits to Branch Per Month
5. (a) Are you aware that all our branches are networked (CBS) anywhere banking and there is Cash Withdrawal limit while drawing cash at other than at parent Branch. YES/NO
(b) Are you aware of Account Number Portability (Account transferable...
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