Mumbai Monsoon & Potholes >>> Made for Each Other.!!!

Topics: Road, Pothole, The Road Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: October 6, 2011
Right from our school days..we have been taught dat a driver..we need 2 obey d road signal signs.. as dey control our speed limit.. But come here in Mumbai.. Potholes do dat Job.. ! BMC has asked the citizens to help dem out by locating d place wid potholes.. WRONG WRONG WRONG.. !! Instead dey shud award d citizens for finding a road stretch widout potholes.. “A Much Tougher Job.. !” Even after spending total of 57 crores… the road conditions remain the same.. ! If u r into Adventure Sports.. Mumbai is d place to be In.. ! Mumbaiites surely don’t deserve such roads..We form d highest tax payers in d nation.. wid poor quality of Infrastructure.. ! A Road is built in a day.. & the very next day.. water supply or power supply team starts diggin it up.. ! The core problem lies in d fact dat.. BMC assigns dis work to d lowest tender to save some.. ! In Fact.. “ Low Cost Roads= Low Quality !” We r considering an option of helding F1 Race here.. Where even driving a bicycle has become a nightmare… ! After the death of a teenager while tryinf to dodge a pothole on Aarey Road.. BMC needs to pull up their socks.. Mumbai needs a Mayor.. who understands the pathetic road situation.. & just not pass circulars to put a ban on Hookah Parlours.. !!! Even a child will understand dat Paver Blocks are no Gud.. ! Suburbs have the highest number of potholes.. A pothole as large as to easily accommodate a BEST bus.. has become a regular eyesight.. ! But take it in a +way.. ! Terrorists wont b able to hide in bunkers on roads.. wen we have such potholes.. ! Why y need Kasab.. wen we have BMC to make our living miserable.. ???? BMC ..are u listning..? If this situation continues.. don’t b surprised if schools nd colleges.. introduce ‘ Monsoon Vacations’ instead of Summer Vacations.. !!!!!
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