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  • Published : December 7, 2010
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Good Afternoon everyone. Thank you, speaker Dela Cruz, Senate President Macaso, Senators, Representatives, Vice President Emma Santos, President Samson, Chief Justice Legarda, Ambassadors, friends: Before I became president I have notice that millions of people had lost there jobs, products got more expensive, corruption was not stopped, people with crime did not get justice, so I am standing here today in front of all you people to share all of my proposals and promises to make this country a better place. For the past years many politicians or leaders of the government had requested over budgets for there projects of there own towns and cities. After they finish there projects, where does the extra money go? It goes into there pockets. Isn’t this a crime? Stealing money from the money of the people? I promise to you this corruption will stop and everyone will receive justice. I have received many complains about rough and broken roads on there streets, but what did the past leaders do, they spent the country’s budget on unnecessary uses like expensive dinners instead of making cement concrete roads and streets. I shall put a stop to this and spend our budget more wisely. Last year when typhoon Daisy hit the Philippines many people were stranded on the tops of the roofs of there houses begging for help, but the government wasn’t prepared to save those people with only 6 motor boats. My fellow country men we should learn from our mistakes or learn from the mistakes of others. We shall not let this happen again. I shall request calamity safety equipment worth 35 million pesos for; if this incident ever happens again we shall be prepared. For there is nothing to fear if you are prepared. For our medical assistance I shall request medical equipment and vaccines of AH2N1, Chicken pox and other medicines against any deadly diseases so whenever a flu or sickness will hit our country there will be nothing to...