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Start Click on Start Suite 10.0 All Programs Multisim. National Instruments Circuit Design

Component Toolbar

Simulation Toolbar Virtual Component Toolbar
Ammeter/ Voltmeter Toolbar Instrument Toolbar

Place Your Circuit Here

1. Open/Create Schematic A blank schematic Circuit 1 is automatically created. To create a new schematic click on File – New – Schematic Capture. To save the schematic click on File /Save As. To open an existing file click on File/ Open in the toolbar. 2. Place Components To Place Components click on Place/Components. On the Select Component Window click on Group to select the components needed for the circuit. Click OK to place the component on the schematic.

Figure 1: Select Resistor

Figure 2: Select DC voltage

For example to select resistors and the DC source shown in Figure 3 click on Place/ Components. In Group select Basic scroll down to Resistors and select the value of the resistor needed to construct the circuit, for this example select 1k. To place DC source click on Sources in Group and select DC Source. As shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2 respectively.

Figure 3: DC Source & Resistors

Virtual Components Components can also be place on the circuit using Virtual components. Click on View – Toolbars and select the toolbar needed for the circuit.

Figure 4: Virtual Components 4. Rotate Components To rotate the components right click on the Resistor to flip the component on 90 Clockwise (Ctrl +R) and 90 Counter Clockwise (Ctrl+Shift+R).

Figure 5: Rotate Components 5. Place Wire/Connect Components To connect resistors click on Place/Wire drag and place the wire. Components can also be connected by clicking the mouse over the terminal edge of one component and dragging to the edge of another component. Reference Figure 6.

Figure 6: Place/ Wire

6. Change Component Values To change component values double click on the component this brings up a window that display the properties of...
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