Multiple Intelligence

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Multiple Intelligence

I am good at understanding the motivation and feelings of other people. I am Interpersonal because, I enjoy team sport rather than individual sports, I usually talk over my personal problems with a friend and also I work my best in a co-operative group where I can discuss issues with others.

I learn by doing, handling objects skillfully. I am Bodily/Kinesthetic because, I like to move, tap, fidget when sitting, I like working with my hands and I enjoy creating things with my hands.

I understand oneself and using the knowledge to live well. I am Intrapersonal because, I have strong opinions about controversial issues, I have good understanding of my feelings and how I will react to situation, and I understand that I am responsible for my own behaviour.

I like using numbers effectively. I am Logical/Mathematical because, I enjoy math and science, I enjoy playing brainteasers and games that involve logical thinking, such as Jeopardy, I am good at estimating and I like to ask "why" questions and seek clarifications of issues and concerns.

Job Sector

Information Technology - I like work with computers and I think I work good with it.

Manufacturing and Processing - I like creating different kinds of stuffs.

Trades and Construction - I think that I work well in constructions.

Transportation - I love to travel.


The score that I got in the Entrepreneur test is 54, which means that I have potential but need to push myself. I need to improve my skills in weaker areas or hire people who have those skills. I think my result is acceptable since I don't have interest in making my own business as of now.

Mission Statement

I vow to continue to help my family and friends in the best way I can, no matter how hard it is. In school,...
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