Multicultural Education Issues

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Multicultural Education Issues 1

Multicultural Education Issues

Multicultural Education Issues
The purpose of this study is to discuss teachers resistance to multicultural education and how it affecting the minority students and ELL learners. These negative attitudes that some teachers care can be considered a reason why there is such an increase of high school dropouts. There are so many teachers who often have a fear of teaching or building positive relationships with minority or under privilege students. In this American society we have witness stereotypes being used to label students in the classroom by teachers who just have some underlying issues that need to be addressed. Teachers resistance and negative attitude can affect the way students perform academically. Everybody should be entitled to the receiving the best education possible. There are certain stereotypes that will not go away and has existed for many years. The stereotypes are that African Americans are less intelligent than whites, Asians are smart, and Hispanics are underachievers. Teacher who believe these stereotypes usually have a tendency to be unfair in the classroom. In their article, Pewewardy and Hammer(2003) stated “if a teacher believes that the stereotype of American Indians being unintelligent is true, he or she may have very low expectations for these American Indian students and will indirectly support this continual belief. The self fulfilling prophecy will then be realized and American Indian students may act less intelligent than white students.” The purpose of the article is to show that teachers expectations can determine changes in student achievement.

Multicultural Education Issues 3

The communities in America are noticing and paying attention to the mixed race and ethnic groups. There are so many issues and concerns that come along with a culturally diverse world. In the article, Multiculturalism-Education for the Nineties an Overview, the point being made is that cultural diversity is increasing in our schools and teachers must use methods that are effective that encourage students to respect all races and ethnic groups. Teachers and the community must learn to be more tolerant of people from other cultures. In other words, we all need to try and decrease biases and stereotypes (Pyszkowski,1993). The classrooms today are becoming more diverse than ever before. The increasing diversity within the United States and its schools presents challenges. Educators must respect and build upon the cultural strengths and characteristics that students bring into the classroom. Teachers must help all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and values needed to become active and productive members of our society (Banks, et al., 2001). I perceive this to be a problem worthy of study because of the number of minority students being labeled as failures because of their language and cultural background. There has been a need for an increase of minority teachers due to the increase of multicultural classrooms. There are students that are not being treated fairly and it needs to stop. There are teachers who have a problem with accepting diversity in the classroom. These are probably the teachers that stereotype their students which lead to the kids being treated unfairly and feeling out of place. Teachers need to be taught how to effectively teach within a multicultural classroom. It is critical that teacher find a way to get rid of preconceived biases based on cultural background (Hepburn, 2007).

Multicultural Education Issues 4
Teachers are responsible for providing students with the opportunity to reach the full potential regardless of their race or ethnic background. Students from other cultures are having academic problems. These minority students often feel that they have no support. One purpose that multicultural education...
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