Acievement Gap

Topics: Education, Education in the United States, School Pages: 4 (1079 words) Published: October 22, 2010
Achievement GapLaguines 1

Understanding Achievement Gap within Multicultural Education

Kimberly Laguines

Keiser University


Why is the “achievement gap” important to understand within a multicultural framework? What are some of the problems with the term “achievement gap?” These questions will be answer in this essay describing multicultural education and how defining the term “achievement gap” and understanding it aids in narrowing the gap. In the multicultural framework of education, “achievement gaps” have been focused on the gap between black and white students. But as the U.S. became a “melting pot” for so many other ethnic populations, “achievement gaps” was seen between whites and other ethnic groups such as Hispanics. The measurement of the achievement gap will also be reviewed. There is no denying that “achievement gap” exists but to what capacity is what this essay hopes to explore.

In the U.S. education system today, we have experience an influx of different ethnic groups within the schools; therefore a multicultural framework of our education system was necessary. A multicultural framework means that we structure the school in a way that is promoting the cultural of all students that attend. This however is not true of all school systems and is indicative to why the term “achievement gap” still exists. Achievement gap is a term that has been used in education for several decades; however it has evolved in its usage. An achievement gap refers to the observed disparity on a number of educational measures between the performance of groups of students, especially groups defined by gender, race, ability, and socioeconomic status ( Across the U.S, a gap in academic success continues to be evident between minority and underprivileged students and their white peers. This evidence is seen in an array of means, such as...
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