Multicultural Competency Paper

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Multicultural Competency Paper
Barbara Johns
January 14, 2013
Frances Kelley, Ph.D.

According to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, also known as the APA Manual, this manual is a guide that provides professionals, such as psychologists with the tools needed to acknowledge and utilize for changes, trainings, and educate the practices and research done that allows professions to support and assist individuals from different races, ethnic groups, and different cultural practices. The APA Manual guides professions in their field with basic information, terminology, and guidelines needed to successfully complete their performances required.

Multicultural Competency Paper
In 1990, a group of professions gathered together and began to draft a set of rules or guidelines to help individuals of different races, cultures, and ethnic groups be treated as an equal. Many of the members of this group where psychiatrist and had witnessed that the diversity continued to increase. Diversity is defined as “a person’s age, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, and spiritual orientation.” (Romano/McMahon, 595). In 2003, The American Psychological Association, also known as the APA had a council of Representatives that approved the guidelines and published them for others to use as educational tools, for trainings, terminology, and to help guide them with the changes in the workplace.

Guideline One
The American Psychology Association Manual Guideline One covers all psychologists and individuals who provide servicers to others to recognize the beliefs and values that he or she holds, including the individual helping out the individual who is seeking a service. This guideline covers the individual’s beliefs and values that influence his or her race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and the culture he or she is originally from.

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