Multi Store Model

Topics: Time, Serial position effect, Term Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Describe and evaluate the multi store model of memory . refer to study in your answer ? (10 marks)

The model say that they are three separate stores in memory the names of the stores are Sensory store ,Short term memory store and long term store. All the information is said to pass through each stage in a fixed sequence. There are limitations of capacity and duration at each individual stage. A study which supports that the stores are distinct is Murdoch (1962) He did a lab experiment e.g. which lacked ecological validity because it was in artificial setting and were doing a task which they wouldn’t normally do in real life . Murdoch read out 20 words to the participants under controlled conditions then asked them to recall the words in any order. The findings of the study showed that serial position effect occurred because most of the participants were able to recall words from the start of the frequency and as it went down less people were able to recall and when getting to the end of the list more people were able to recall . Murdoch put the findings to primacy and recency effect. They were able to recall the first few because they had time to rehearsal the words in short term memory then consolidate to long term memory. However they were able to recall the last few because it was still in their short term memory because information can only last 10 to 20 seconds in short term memory before it decays .

Mutli store model says that all of the stores record data in different ways. sensory store records data in a modality spefic way while the short term memory is encoded mostly modality specific but can be encoded semantically meaning it can be encoded acoustically then can be reformatted visually .With long term memory its encoded only semantically .The capacity for each store is different in sensory store is large and not really unknown but with STM we can only hold up to 7+-2 chunks ,Long term capacity is infinite and beyond ....
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