Mud City

Topics: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Mud City

The main character in the book is named Shauzia, Shauzia is a Fourteen-year-old that dreams of seeing the ocean and eventually making a new life in France, but it is hard to reconcile that dream with the terrible conditions of the Afghan refugee camp where she lives. She has tanned skin and brown eyes, short hair, and she wears a salwar kameez (long, loose shirt and trousers, worn by both men and women. A women’s salwar kameez has different colors and patterns and sometimes elaborately embroidered or beaded.)

At the women’s compound shauzia is very popular especially with the younger children, however not with the compound’s director, Ms. Weera. She has a nice personality, Shauzia is a very good storyteller, and tells all the children about her adventures of keeping the wolves away from the sheep late at night.

The setting in the book takes place in Afghanistan, Kabul, the streets of Peshawar, and also a Pakistani refugee camp which is owned by Mrs. Weera. Shauzia is sick of her life in the camp, and runs away one night, finding herself in the large mud city of Pakistan. Dressing herself as a boy, Shauzia takes a job and makes new friends.

Shauzia and her dog, Jasper stayed with an American family, who helped her in many ways. Giving her food when she was starving, also clothes that fitted her, and most importantly a roof over her head. Until one day when Shauzia was left alone in the American family’s home while they went shopping and let in all

the beggars that rang the bell for money or food came inside and let them eat as much as the liked, Shauzia let them have showers, and let this pregnant lady sleep on their bed. Once the American family got back it was a mess when they were all done cleaning up, they asked Shauzia to leave their home.

My opinion on the book would be 7.5 out of 10. When you read chapters 1-7 you can’t stop reading you have to find out what happens next. In this book there are things...
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