Mtv Networks: a Global Brand Goes Local

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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| Role play: 1. MC 1& Telephone holder: Tokimitsu 2. MC 2: Manh Cuong 3. Guest speakers:- Senior Manager of MTVAsia – Mr. San Nong Lau, who has been in this position for more than 15 years: Trung Ha- CEO of MTV Networks - Mrs. Judy Mc Grath, who has just resigned as the CEO of MTV Networks at the age of 57 –: Phuong Anh 4. Reporter from TIME Magazine (Asia Edition, Hong Kong): Nhan 5. Audiences at the talk show: Huyen & Quan Supporters: 1. Trang: Time keeper 2. Huong: Slide transmitter Content: Through a talk show with CEO and manager of MTV and its division in Asia, people understand more about MTV’s strategy and its development process Length: 30’ (including Q&A session)| Part| Order| Timeline| Task in Simulation| In charge| Preparation | Script| Slide & Time keeper| TALK SHOW| 1| 0’ – 3’| Introduction about Viacom, MTV Networks and MTV Asia| Tokimitsu| Short and significant information about Viacom, MTV Networks and MTV AsiaDeadline: 11am Morning - Nov 27| Hi! It’s me, Tokimitsu. Nice to meet you again in “MTV Thirty Show”. Well in this special celebration of MTV’s thirty birthday, we will meet our hidden heroes. Let’s see…Viacom Media Networks (known as MTV Networks until 2011), is a division of media conglomerate Viacom that oversees the operations of many television channels and Internet brands, including the original MTV channel in the United States, and also MTV Asia where I am standing here. Along its development process, MTV Networks has become the symbol of globalization and is it a secret why it has achieved these honor?No longer, today we invite here the two guest speakers. Are you ready? (Tokimitsu point to the screen)“MTV Thirty show” (Music on)| Huong and Trang| | 2| 3’ – 5’| Introducing the talk show and guest speakers Greeting the audiences at the talk show| Cuong| Name of talk showName of guest speakersAim of the talk...
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