Mtv Goes Global with a Local Beat

Topics: Globalization, Culture, The Streets Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: October 4, 2011
1.MTV is a good example for the maxim “think globally, act locally”. globalization seems to homogenize the attitudes and spending habits, but I think that there is still difference between viewers for cultural or religional reasons. For example French people wouldn’t choose to watch american programs special to their culture such as american wrestling .

Otherwise I think that Globalization sometimes don’t affect people directly . it affect first leading members of society like singers, writers , actors etc.. for example old times, all music albums in Turkish market were recording in “Unkapanı Çarşısı”, nowadays maket dominants turn to global recordin companies like Sony. All video clips, songs are very similar to what ‘global culture ‘ dictates. In Turkey majority of young people don’t watch MTV, but they watch Kral TV, number One TV, etc.. these are very similar TV channels to MTV.

2.Young people in developing country exposed to over doses of US culture on TV like MTV. It would be wrong to blame only MTV, there are many similar channel that affect local culture. Young people are open to new changes. While adults resists, young people may adopt easily to foreign culture. In our country, educated young people don’t listen Turkish folk music or art music. But they adore Lady Gaga. You can see in the streets girls walking in rock costume. An opinion assume that imperial states, or companies destroy third world countries’s own culture, before dominate whole country. For this purpose youth is a good target.
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