On the Floor

Topics: Death Penalty, Music video, Film crew Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: January 31, 2013
MV Project
I will take two months to produce the music video. I will lead my team to plan the project in the first month. In the second mouth, we will execute the project. At first, my team will finish a plan book and seek an investor who is interested in my program. The plan book touched upon the time, cost, purchasing, human resource, etc. Corporate sponsors can help fully to process this project and save cost. They offer us money or their products which we need in the project for free, and we advertise them in the video in return. The equipment and field are essential in our project and we need camera vidicon, dresses, vehicles, facilities , etc. A good purchasing stratage will help us find perfect suppliers and get a right price. Moreover, we will hire many staffs, like director, scenarist, actors, dancers, sylists, cameraman, etc. Then we enter to the project execution process, and it will take one month. The shot work is a complicated and repetitive thing, because the rehearsal and design will take a long time. Film cutter and sound engineer will responsible for the Cutting and audio track, and this is the last step for finishing the video. At last, our accouter will finish the project budget and final statement. I plan to spend 350,000 dollars on the project. The broad items are 20,000 dollars for salary and 150,000 dollars for purchasing. I pay the salary for the staff base on their fame and task performance. In the purchasing process, I will try to rent the facilities to save cost. As the same time, the sponsors can offer me jewelry, dresses and vehicle. The resources I will use at a high level are director, scenarist and camera vidicons. The excellent director and scenarist decide the MTV’s quality and the good camera vidicons make the video picture near native.
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