Mtv Brand Case Study

Topics: Advertising, MTV, Brand Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: October 3, 2011
Case Study-MTV, building brand resonance Fangzi Zhan UFID: 6158-9959 1. The brand images of MTV are youth, culture, music, and informational. The brand associations of MTV are fun, edgy fashion trends, creative, youthful, contest. MTV keeps their brand message consistent, which creates powerful image among its viewers, especially young viewers. Many famous artists can attribute their fame to MTV, because audiences expect MTV to represent and broadcast shows that are trendy and edgy. Many young audiences follows MTV because its associations. The core value of MTV should youth, trendy, innovative, and dynamic. 2. The current sources of its brand equity are its brand awareness and brand image. At the beginning, MTV represented the teen culture, hip culture, but the male and older generations failed to connect themselves with MTV. MTV launched a new programming approach, and image became broader, not only limited to teen culture, MTV numerous programming shift created a new channel properties: dynamic programming. Throughout the time, MTV evolves itself more than just a channel about culture and music, and gradually become a global media brand. However, it keeps its core value- music and culture, and its impact on young people. 3. Music is MTV’s root and the strongest competitive edge that MTV have. MTV introduced non-music programs to MTV, and even played an educator’s role during elections and other national crises. However, throughout the time, MTV represents the top of musical and cultural trends. 4. MTV also established websites with content designed for different markets. It was an excellent medium for music after first pursuing aggressive litigation to prevent illegal file sharing. MTV started to offer music-download services and streaming MTV programs on line. The new technology and Internet also provide MTV a new channel to communicate and interact with viewers. Personally speaking, I think MTV could use the new technology to...
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