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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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There is a huge competition between MTV Networks Asia and Channel V over the Asian market. These two companies that have invested heavily in the region thus, increasing their distribution networks all over the Asia continent. In 1999 the tough completion degenerated into a personal war of words between the heads of each channel. They alleged each other of misrepresenting viewer figures. So far, Channel V has lower operating costs and is set to recover the investments they made in the region very soon. On the other hand, MTV appears to be having an upper hand in terms of attracting and retaining advertisers. SWOT Analysis

MTV strengths lies in its structuring, it is based on three divisions MTV India, MTV Mandarin that broadcasts to Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan and MTV Asia that covers Indonesia, The Philippines and Singapore. All the three divisions rely on a 24 hour mix of partnerships with local stations and satellite transmission to distribute their products. On the other hand Channel V continues to enjoy lower operating costs. One major weakness that both companies are faced with is cultural differences, distinctive broadcasting regulations and overlap of linguistic difficulties. Opportunities of both companies are increased by economic incentives to generate a product mix that will increase the number of advertisers as well as using an assortment of media to circumvent the technological and regulatory entry challenges. However, there are a number of threats in the business environment such as decreasing unionization, increasing diversity, aging, and globalization. Additionally, more and more people are choosing to eat out at restaurants. Strategic Analysis

The current strategy for MTV is to tap into markets both India and China as well as increase its online presence. The mission of the strategy is to disseminate MTV’s brand name, generate revenue, research tool for clan data as well to deliver its programming in future. With this...
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