Mtv Global Marketing

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Running Head: MTV
MTV Case Study
Bette Midler
Marketing 201
Professor Dumbledore
July 11, 1899
MTV Global Marketing
Some of the environmental strategies that MTV has had to overcome in order to succeed in International business are; the realization of having to do costly updates in order to satisfy and gain customers in new countries, change their product pertaining toeach market, and be very patient with each countries needs and wants in order to succeed in that area. MTV has overcome all of the barriers by doing plenty of research and communicating with key government officials of each country. MTV’s global market strategy was to succeed and grow within each country. They were able to adapt to each countries market and give the customer what they wanted, also called Market Orientation. Market orientation focuses on satisfying customer wants and needs while meeting organizational objectives (MKTG, pg. 6). By finding out what each countries interests were, MTV was able to change their programming, language, and technology the way that would be most beneficial. I agree with following the Market Orientation to keep the company in-tune with the regions interests. I do agree with MTV approaching each region with different products to pertain to that market. The company is listening to the customer needs and wants. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of starting in a new region is essential. Costs, ethics, and products will probably all be different depending on the region. By studying the demographics in the areas, companies will be informed of what their market can carry. MTV’s International President has done a great job in listening to the countries needs and adjusting their programming to satisfy that country. In the end, all the hard work, patience, and listening to customers needs, has paid off in a big way. The company is now owner of 33 distinct channels, with over 18 different languages, in over 160 countries....
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