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Topics: Economy, 2008, 1988 Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Agence France-Presse 2012, ‘DreamWorks plans $3b China tourist attraction’, Sydney Morning Herald, 08 August, viewed 17 August 2012, <>


Agence France-Presse (AFP) indicates that one of the most innovative animation company in the world DreamWorks is planning to invest 3.2 billion (US dollar) in Shanghai, China to create an animated tourism attraction with additional 330 million (US dollar) investment in movie production under the cooperation with Chinese companies as China has become the second largest film market with rising consumer income under rapidly growing GDP in rather stable economy regardless of the strict film import quotas.

Application of Concepts

Embedded in the article are concepts related to economic environment and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The economic environment is a key dimension in the business analysis before any investment (Morrison 2011). The investment of DreamWorks bases on the satisfactory assessment of some economic elements of China which includes rapidly growing GDP, continuously rising consumer income, the booming market, and a rather stable economy in general (Allan 2012). DreamWorks will certainly face the challenges in China’s mixed economy, for example weak legal protection to business, excessive government control and rising exchange rate, all will cause uncertainty to the return to the investment (Morrison 2011). CSR is demonstrated in the employment opportunity DreamWorks will create and the advanced idea and technology it will bring to China’s animation industry (Robson 2012). DreamWorks claimed that they would finance the training of low income students for a career in the film industry (2012). By doing so, DreamWorks will enhance its reputation and also ease the deficiency of top animation talents in China. Both talents fostered and technology brought by DreamWorks will...
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