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Topics: Big Five personality traits, Human behavior, Organizational structure Pages: 10 (1718 words) Published: November 16, 2012
1.When managers are asked to describe their most frequent problems, they often describe ________ problems. A) technology
B) people
C) equipment
D) time management
E) location
Answer: B

2.You know that your customers are demanding and sometimes difficult. Which personality dimension taps a person's ability to withstand stress? A) extraversion
B) judging
C) conscientiousness
D) emotional stability
E) intellect
Answer: D

3.You describe a structure that is flat, has little formalization, and is fast, flexible, and inexpensive to maintain. You are describing the ________. A) matrix structure
B) simple structure
C) bureaucracy
D) team structure
E) organizational pyramid
Answer: B

4.Which one of the following is consistent with a simple structure? A) high centralization
B) high horizontal differentiation
C) high employee discretion
D) standardization
E) bureaucracy
Answer: A

5.Which of the following is not a weakness of the simple structure? A) It is risky.
B) It is prone to information overload.
C) There is little unity of command.
D) It can lead to slower decision making.
E) It is often insufficient in larger organizations.
Answer: C

6.What do we call the process by which individuals organize and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment? A) interpretation
B) environmental analysis
C) social verification
D) outlook
E) perception
Answer: E

7.You assign your students a project that involves developing a business plan for a retail store. The store will have 200 employees and will serve customers both locally and internationally via a storefront and an Internet catalogue. Which of the following organizational designs is least likely to benefit the goals of this retail store? A) matrix

B) virtual
C) bureaucracy
D) team
E) simple
Answer: E

8.What is the theory that suggests that when we observe an individual's behavior, we attempt to determine whether it was internally or externally caused? A) Behavioral Theory
B) Judgment Theory
C) Selective Perception Theory
D) Attribution Theory
E) Equality Theory
Answer: D

9.In attribution theory, what is distinctiveness?
A) whether an individual displays consistent behaviors in different situations B) whether an individual displays different behaviors in different situations C) whether an individual displays consistent behaviors in similar situations D) whether an individual displays different behaviors in similar situations E) whether an individual displays different behavior from other people Answer: B

10.What does consensus refer to in attribution theory?
A) There is general agreement about a perception.
B) Different people respond the same way in the same situation. C) There is general agreement about how people desire to respond to the same situation. D) Different people perceive a situation similarly.

E) All people behave precisely the same way in certain situations. Answer: B

11.Sister Akua rates low on conscientiousness. This would this lead you to suspect that which of the following statements is most likely to be true about Akua? A) She will be easily distracted.
B) She will find comfort in the familiar.
C) She will be nervous, depressed, and insecure.
D) She will be comfortable with solitude.
E) She will be very dim-witted.
Answer: A

12.The key component underlying bureaucracies is ________.
A) flexibility
B) standardization
C) dual lines of authority
D) wide span of control
E) the organizational pyramid
Answer: B

13.________ is characterized by a low degree of departmentalization, wide spans of control, authority centralized in a single person, and little formalization A) Bureaucracy
B) Matrix organization
C) Simple structure
D) Team structure
E) Centralized structure
Answer: C

14.An OB study would be least likely to be used to focus on which of the following problems? A) an increase in absenteeism at a certain company...
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