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Topics: Logic, Critical thinking, Library Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: April 7, 2013
OG-Reading Cpmprehension:

Cau 50 -> 75

OG- Critical Reasoning: cau 10, 30, 30

Lam bai tap trong cac phan sau cua sach Manhattan-Sentence Correction (45 cau): -          2. Grammar, Meaning, Concision (p17)
-          9. Idioms (p139)
-          Odds & ends (p 185)

OG- Senten Correction (tong cong 33 cau): 4e, 8a, 10b, 12a, 16d-b, 17e-d, 20e, 21a, 30c, 31d, 33a, 34b, 37a, 39D, 44, 49, 51, 57, 59, 64, 73, 75, 80, 96, 106, 116, 117, 118, 120. + 5 cau Integrated Reasoning (cau 14, 15, 28, 34, 42)- khoang 10->15’

1. Cac em len so do y, liet ke nhung lap luan quan trong nhat cua cac em (va Vi du minh hoa) theo thu tu tu tren xuong duoi nhe:

In that province, Friso and HuaiHai are the two cities with the greatest development speed in the amount of new businesses. As the result, NorthWestern Airlines should open a commuter line connecting the two cities in order to make up for the recent poor business performance in its major routes. In order for the commuter line to have profit right at the beginning, NorthWester should charge only 70% proce to the customers who buy their seats within 72 hours before the departure. Howeverm different to the seats sold before that 72 hours, these orders should not be eligible for customer cancellation and money claim back; and with such a scheme, the profit from their sale should be a lot more.

2. Cac em viet hoan chinh bai nay theo nhung y chinh cac em da liet ke hom truoc: The following appeared in a recent report by the Fern County planning commission: "In light of the increasing percentage of our nation's population turning to the Internet as a source of reference material, Fern County should close the ancillary branch of its public library, and convert that facility into a computer training center for use by county residents. The converted facility would fill what is certain to be a growing need among Fern residents for computer training. At the same time, since the county library's main branch...
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