Movies Represent Storytelling at Its Best

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Imagery, sounds, storytelling ability, excellent editing, serious acting and creative imaginations are all technically combined to make a good movie. Movies represent storytelling at its best. The writer gives a script to the director who interprets it and creates a core team of professionals that includes the cinematographer, the designer (and his team), the sound engineer, the actors, and the editor. They make films to entertain, to express emotion, tell stories, deliver messages, to dream, to imagine, and it is all because they have a passion that drives them. Filmmaking takes time, patience, dedication, commitment, and an understanding of the process in its totality. If filmmakers are oriented toward story and performance, they must learn to visualize the narrative. The story must unfold in the mind’s eye, as it is conceived and created. The filmmaker has to see the movie while the screenplay is being written and during pre-production before the cameras roll. (LoBrutto 2002) Matthew Vaughn created a make-believe movie which insinuates that mutants are everyday people that exist among us; and there were times during the movie that the thought actually crossed my mind. Owing to the fact that, making a film is a most complex artistic enterprise and that, movie making is the only creative endeavor that encompasses all of the arts: writing, photography, painting, acting, music, dance, and architecture; the filmmaker must take on the challenge of telling a story via image and sound each time a movie is made. (LoBrutto 2002) Storytelling

A movie is a story; it is as simple as that. Movies are really a category of art that use various kinds of technical combinations of imagery and sounds to tell stories. However, how the story is told, often make fictions seem real, non-fictions become personal, fantasy appear realistic and musicals, like Burlesque, expand into song and dance. There is always something that viewers can relate to in movies. Nevertheless, “Movies are not, and are not meant to be, blueprints for how to live our lives. They are, however, reflections of lives.” (Goodykoontz, & Jacobs 2011) The story, X-Men: First Class, is about former closeted mutants coming out and embracing their difference. However, the film began with a setting during the period of the holocaust when Magneto was a young boy in Poland. The boy’s name was Erik Lehnsherr (later named Magneto). The story highlights aspects of the enslavement of Jews by the German Gustapo. The close-up shots of the numbers that were branded on the arms of the Jewish people in the concentration camp align the story with an actual historical event. Those shots coupled with the boy’s forceful separation from his mother help to authenticate and solidify the director’s attempt at reality. His anger and fury at the separation triggered his mutant power of magnetism that caused him to rip the metal fence that stood between himself and his mother. The Gustapo commander’s name was Schmidt (later Sebastian Shaw). It was he who shot and killed Erik’s mother in cold blood, before the child; resulting in Erik’s mutant power of magnetism being triggered and magnified during his subsequent angry outburst. Sebastian Shaw murdered the boy’s mother because he wanted to see a demonstration of the boy’s mutant powers. Mission accomplished, Shaw wanted to train and harness Erik’s mutant power to use it as a weapon. On the other hand, Charles Xavier was a brilliant academic who is of gentry stock. As we saw it when he was a boy, he had the power of telepathy. He also had the ability to read and control other people’s minds. In the beginning of the film, Charles was quite blatant and unapologetic about reading people’s minds without their permission as was the case when he was talking the woman at the bar, before Raven interrupted. He became a CIA consultant on humans with mutant abilities then...
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