Books vs Movies

Topics: Mind, Perception, Image Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: April 11, 2011
Movies and books are similar but yet different in many ways. Movies and books are similar in the fact that they both paint the same picture and tell the same story along with holding suspense, where as they differ by how they paint that picture and tell the story along with how the suspense is brought about. When reading books and watching movies, one will eventually come to the same conclusion at the end. How we get to that conclusion will differ for each.

In the fact that movies and books paint the same picture, one can conclude that they are going to have the same picture but how it is painted will vary. A movie has actors that play out the parts of a book. In doing so, one is able to watch and see what is going on to get a picture. In a sense the picture is given to you, where in a book you have details given to you and are able to paint your own picture. If one is watching a movie everyone will see the same picture whereas in a book we might create different pictures in our minds than other people.

Movies and books also tell the same story in their similarity but how one perceives the story is yet very different. One can infer that they are going to have the same ending in a book and a movie, being able to watch that ending versus read that ending are different. Movies take less time to get to the end because you are watching it be acted out. Books are read and you have to work it out in your mind to get to the end. When reading a book you have to use concentration in order to paint the picture and put the scenes together, which in the long run takes longer than watching the movie.

Given that movies and books paint the same picture and tell the same story one can see that they also both give suspense as to what is going to happen next, it will just differ in the way that you see that suspense. In both situations you can ask yourselves what is going to happen next and maybe even come up with your own predictions. In a movie you are shown...
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