The Crucible

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  • Published : June 14, 2013
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In The Crucible, there are a few differences and many similarities between the book and the movie. The beginning of the movie the girls are in the forest dancing around a fire, with a pot above it and swinging a dead bird over it as they dance. Also while there in the woods Abigail drinks blood, and they get caught from Mr. Parris. But in the book you don’t find out what really happened in the forest till later in the story, we don’t hear about all the conjuring spirits or drinking of the blood till later. While the girls were in the forest dancing they conjured boys in the movie, they wanted them to fall in love with them and in the book they conjured Ruth’s dead siblings. A similarity between the movie and the book would be that Abigail blames Tituba for speaking to the devil and in Betty’s room all the girls say whom they saw the devil. The book and the movie share another similarity, and it would be when Giles Corey had weight put on top of him because they were trying to get some information from him, but all he would said was “more weight”. Also, when Abigail was in the court at one time she pretended like Mary was hurting her and then all of the other girls including Abigail started mimicking what she was saying.

Why I think the moviemaker chose those difference between the book and the movie was because in the book there was a narrator to tell you specific things. The narrator is there to tell some background information and make sure you get a better grasp of what’s taking place. So I feel as if in the movie they wanted you to pay closer attention to what was happening. And you have to have some differences between the two. While in the movie you can see more action and can sometimes explain things better by acting out, rather than being written out.

If I were directing the movie, honestly I have no clue what I would leave out. That is kind of a hard one. Because I think that the movie has good similarities and differences between the book and the...
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