Movies vs. Books

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MOVIES compared to BOOKS
I love movies as much as I love books. I do prefer reading books and watching movies rather than texting, playing computer games, and roaming around somewhere just like a typical teenager would do.

I have read a lot of books from different prestigious authors. What I have noticed is that, when you are reading a book, it’s like you’re in a different world far from reality and it is like you’re there with the characters. You can feel their emotions because you’re just like there observing them just around the corner. You got the feeling that they do really exist and at some point – alive.

On the other hand, movies are far different from books. It involves the use of eyes and ears. What’s interesting about movies is that, you got the chance to see what is really happening on a particular situation. You don’t need to imagine and think logically just like how you read books. Unfortunately, some movies were just adapted from books. You’ll be able to notice that there are some changes and some part of the book that is not included in the movie. But somehow, movies also give you the chance to enter into another world which is nice to know.

Generally, I prefer books rather than movies. Because every time I read and finished it, the whole idea the author’s trying to portray stays in me. I addition, I prefer books because it could also improve my comprehension skills and vocabulary.

Lastly, what I do is, after reading the book, I just wait until a movie adaptation popped out somewhere and watch as immediate as I can. Doing the process gives me clarity and organization of thoughts from what I have read.
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