Movie Review- the Killing Fields

Topics: Sierra Leone, Blood diamond, Revolutionary United Front Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: May 26, 2013
The movie is in Sierra Leone in 1999 where ruthless rebel forces called the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) are terrorizing the country and its people. It begins in a small Solomon Vandy’s village is attacked by rebel forces and his family is put in danger. RUF slaughter many of the village people, and because killing isn’t enough, there are scenes where villager’s hands are cut off to prevent them from voting in elections. Solomon is separated from his family becomes a slave, forced to work in RUF diamond fields.

The diamonds are used by the RUF to trade for weapons and fund other things. Working, Solomon finds a rare pink diamond of a pretty good size. Solomon hides the jewel the moment before government troops attack the rebel mining camp. Unfortunately, a rebel called Captain Poison sees the diamond and knows Solomon has hidden it. Solomon, Captain Poison and the rest of the men are put in prison, where Danny Archer, a diamond smuggler who has debts of his own to pay, learns of the diamond. After overhearing the an argument between Solomon and Captain Poison about the pink diamond, strikes a deal with Solomon. Danny will pay for Solomon’s bail and help find his family in exchange for the diamond. Once out Danny meets Maddy Bowen, an American journalist, at a bar. Maddy is looking for information about major diamond companies being involved in illegal diamond trade so, she and Danny also strike a deal: Danny will provide information for her story if she help look for the diamond Meanwhile, Solomon’s son has been kidnapped by Captain Poison, and is being brainwash into a kid killer for the RUF. Throughout the film there are many scenes where the RUF cause a lot of destruction and suffering. A scene that sticks in my head is when Archer, Solomon and Maddy visit a refugee camp in Guinea where a million Sierra Leone civilians have taken up residence, because they have nowhere else to go. There, Solomon finds his wife and learns the RUF took their son. Maddy...
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