Answer for They Poured Fire on Us from the Sky

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Question 4: Despite their hardships, the Lost Boys were still very much children. How do you see them grow up through the book? Can you relate to any of their experiences growing up? Any of the games they play? How do they view and interact with the opposite sex? How do their attitudes about education relate to your own?

Question 6: What role did outside countries and organizations play in the war in Sudan and in the lives of the refugees?

Should the U.S. or other countries/organizations have intervened more or less? I do believe there is at least a little something the U.S. have done more to prevent more lost boys or child soldiers.

What was life like in the refugee camps? People from Sudan fled to the refugee camps in northeastern Kenya in 1991. The UNHCR supports the refugee camps, which are located near the borders with Somalia and Sudan. Refugees are confined to their camps because they are not legally allowed to enter other parts of Kenya.

Refugee families live in housing units such as huts or tents, which are in close proximity.

The major source of livelihood is limited to relief food supplies donated by the international community through the UNHCR and World Food Program (WFP). Refugees are not legally allowed by asylum countries to travel freely from the camps to nearby cities. Refugees living in camps have limited access to official work permits in the asylum countries. They lack self-sufficiency and means for an income. Health care services in most camps are very limited. Quality of education offered to refugee children is inadequate and sub-standard to one offered to the native children of the host country. Host communities perceive refugees as a burden on local economies. Sometimes the UNHCR allocates part of its funds for the development of host communities to lessen hostility toward the refugees. Refugee girls and women suffer from additional abuses such as rape. This kind of abuse routinely takes place in camps located in...
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