Motives of Traveling

Topics: Alain de Botton, Travel Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: October 18, 2011
Traveling is not an easy thing to do. Running to the station, standing in queues, spending lots of money, one can say: struggling for existence. As Huysmans said: “the imagination could provide a more-than-adequate substitute for the vulgar reality of actual experience” . So the question is: why do people travel, despite all inconveniences, which they have to fight with? The aim of this report is to depict motives and reasons of why people travel on the basis of two references: “The Art of Travel” by Alain de Botton and “Homo Turisticus” by Anders Steene and to reveal how people collect information about their destinations.

First of all the, the main reason to start a journey, which is stated time and again in both positions, is that people wish to escape from everyday life. Most of the time they spend in work which is often stressful, full of responsibility and everlasting challenges. Then they come back home and have to take care of their families, dwellings, bills etc. They are unsatisfied and bored with daily routine, which they want to get away from. Alain de Botton recalls the examples of Charles Baudelaire, who always felt, that he belonged somewhere else, that other place would make him happy. Also Flaubert felt his life was “monotonous, sensible and stupid” . Lots of people, similarly to them, suffer from loneliness, so that to escape from it, from problems and home environment they start to travel in the hope, that one place will bring them happiness. Very often one wants to think over its life, distance from everyday situations, gain a new perspective, so that it is easier to take further steps and take important decisions. Then they can finally feel released. Author of “The Art of Travel” suggests that journeys and new places are conducive to internal conversations. One can find out more about oneself, so it can be very helpful in future. While traveling, we discover often many our features, which we did not know before. We find ourselves in new...
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