Cause and Effect Essay

Topics: 2010 Winter Olympics, Time, Book of Proverbs Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Cause and effect essay

The Effects of Traveling Abroad

Why do people take a journey for a short or long period of time? Even though journey takes a lot of money and time, most people want to take a journey to learn something from the journey when they can afford to. Journey is precious especially when people leave themselves from where they live. What kind of benefits do they have from the journey? By leaving where they live, people come to know themselves, their family and friends who are always with them. There are numerous old proverbs regarding the journey over the world. One thing those proverbs indicate is journey is a great experience in our life and helps the life improving. I am going to talk about the effects of journey by giving my own experience of traveling abroad with the proverbs. “To make your children live successful, send them on journey early on.” There is an old proverb with journey. This proverb comes up with my parents who sent me and my brother to England when I was 13 years old. At that time, I was too young to know where I was going to and who am I. However, the staying in England, consequently, made me know myself a little bit and meet the totally new world. The experience in England contributes to my thinking and dream in a global way. Ultimately, my parents’ decision sending me and my brother on journey early on had great effects on our life. “To know and understand your friend, take a trip with her or him for four days.” I’ve heard many times from my friends about traveling abroad with friends. Most people who took a journey abroad with their friends had a fight during the journey. When couples go on a trip together, they always have a fight during the trip. I know two couples who broke up after traveling abroad. They realized that they don’t get along well from the journey. In my experience, I’ve been to Japan for five days with my best friend who I’ve known when I was middle school student. Before...
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