Cause and Effect Essay

Topics: Major League Baseball, Baseball, Barry Bonds Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: March 2, 2011
Masih Farooqui
Mrs. Hornik
Senior Reading & Writing
19 October 2010
Baseball: It’s Time has Passed
The balance of power in sports has shifted. Baseball, America’s grand old game was introduced to America bringing joy to the faces of men during a time of civil unrest. That brought this small game into the hearts of many Americans as the best sport in the nation. Now, things are different; baseball has been hit by some major questions plaguing the game today. Like most sensations that burst onto the scene, the glory days do not last forever. It is obvious baseball is no longer America’s national pastime because it’s time has passed for a variety of reasons. The baseball season is far too long, the sport is extremely slow and boring, and the steroid era has disfigured the game’s image.

The baseball season is longer than any other sport and too long for most to stay tuned. The season, lasting 162 games from April to October, starts and ends at two exciting sporting seasons outside of baseball. During the beginning the NBA playoffs are going on and towards the end the NFL season starts, two better viewing options than the MLB. Baseball starts too early because the leftover effects of winter are still felt in April with snowed out games and in October fall nights cause very low temperatures. Fans also are upset when they’re teams are already out of the playoff chase half way through the season. A sign that points to the non competitiveness of the MLB; the season always ends with the same teams in the playoffs and getting better and the bad teams getting worse. This gets people frustrated knowing that your team in the MLB has not much of a chance to turn their fortunes around like the other major sports. Baseball’s lengthy season results in losing the viewing completion with other sports and the season’s not the only dreadful part but each game as well.

Baseball games also lack action and they face a rising controversy on the speed of the game. Baseball games...
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